Welcome To MentorX
Welcome To MentorX

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MentorX Bridge The Gap Between Education And Employment!

Powered by leading-edge AI technology,
MentorX is dedicated to providing personalized  career planning, training and job placement for international students and young professionals.

Top-Tier Mentors

Our mentors are industry experts from Fortune-500 companies

Personalized Training

We teach what industries need and universities don’t teach

Success Stories

95% of our students get
high-paying jobs upon graduation

For Student

From Campus To Workplace





For Education Institution

Empowering Your Career Services For Students’ Success

Co-op Internship Opportunity

We provide intern opportunities in various industries and positions with our trusted industiral partners.

Virtual Career Service Partner

We provide in depth early career planning workshop, information sessions, carreer fair together with your career services.

Free Career Consulting Events

We run free career consulting events in universities around the world, from onsite 1-on-1 to regular online sessions.

For Business

The Place To Acquire Early Talents

Tired of resume screening?

Talents Recruiting

We screen the candidates for you based on your requirements. You can also access our talent pool. Free for limited time only.

Too long on training?

Internship Program

Our students are professionally trained before they go to work for you. They are more ready than average college students.

Interested in the international student market?

Business Partnership

We offer co-branding opportunities to expand your target market in the 1M+ international student body in the US.

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