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Jul 11, 2023

Successful Student Z Case

Student Z Background

Undergraduate: Economics major at Hong Kong Baptist University

Graduate: Financial Mathematics and FinTech major at Boston University



Received Job Offer

Ameriprise Financial – Associate Analyst (Full-time)


Case Details

The student Z joined the MentorX OPT Employment Program in November 2022 and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Financial Mathematics at Boston University. Before joining the MentorX program, the student independently applied to 200 companies during the fall recruitment of 2022 but did not receive any interview offers. A dedicated service team was established for the student, and a mentor was quickly assigned to provide guidance and assessment. The following gaps were identified:

1.Lack of experience with American interviews;

2.Weak essential skills for job interviews, including the need for improvement in Python and SQL proficiency;

3.Limited knowledge of the industry.

To address the student’s weaknesses, MentorX provided personalized improvements in the following areas:

1.Consultants tailored a detailed plan for the student, including problem-solving exercises and job matching to broaden the job search channels and increase interview opportunities;

2.Weekly interview debriefs and task check-ins were conducted to supervise the student’s development of good job search habits;

3.Intensive and rapid learning sessions were conducted by the mentor to enhance the student’s industry awareness and skills in risk analytics.

After thorough preparation, the career advisor closely followed the pace of campus recruitment and recommended positions. Each week, 40-50 company positions were matched, and on average, the student participated in one company interview per week. The career advisor provided interview coaching and training based on the student’s interview needs. With the cooperation between the student and the service team, the student successfully secured final interviews with multiple banks and investment firms.

Finally, from March to May 2023, after five rounds of interviews, the student received a full-time offer from Ameriprise Financial, a top financial services company in the United States, with an annual salary of $90,000!

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